My article written in Chinese, how about the literal translation of Google Translate in English, how it looks like?

My article written in Chinese, how about the literal translation of Google Translate in English?


Love the sea (should be thoughts in Love’s sea ?)

Fu Mingquan

Time travels, your love is there, in the endless forest, in the rippling lake, in the old road of autumn leaves, in the snow-covered wilderness; your love is in my mind, in my thoughts, in my warmth Here, even in my looking back, in the sadness of parting.

When the breeze is blowing on my face, I stretch my back in the warm sunshine. Life sometimes needs this kind of rest and slack. Otherwise, I can’t organize my thoughts. In the evening breeze, in the sunset, in the rain and mist, you are there, smiling, peaceful and beautiful. Across the vast planet and the long years, and I listen to your footsteps quietly in the rain.

Will the saints of the ages still have the concentration of love and the worries of love? Does the goddess who are nine days away also think about love, don’t worry about love? If it is really like a bird, can wings like a cloud hanging down from the sky, can it really be a perfect love spirit that can soar ninety thousand miles and bring love?

Love is full of life, nurturing life, developing life, and perfecting life. It is human elves, angels worship the fallen gods, but this love is for the leaves and flowers to bloom, spring blossoms and autumn fruits? Or is it for the sunset glow, wisdom and intelligence, or for the mystery of the phantom that can’t be tracked, the sentimental and deep thought of Nanmu Wuhen? (Google doesn’t understand this Chinese idioms 🙂 )

Your smile is still there? Through the snow-covered birch forest on the outskirts of winter night, over thousands of miles of camellia trees, flying over the endless golden wheat fields, in the sun, accompanied by the wind, blowing into my sleeping deep dreams, and the wind is still beating that night Looking through the window lattice, looking at the listless blue roses and white lilies.

The soft sound, together with your violin, enters my study leisurely, with your summer laugh, and the silence of your turning around instantly stops time at that moment. God of love, those who chase and run are like boasting that the father is desperately chasing the brilliant scorching sun on his head, tirelessly and tirelessly; those who love each one seem to have become a special bird of love, But, this time, I am trying to fill the sea of ​​thousands of miles of waves for love. Look, God of love, for you, for so many people, the sorrow of resentment in love is strong enough to be strong in Xing Tian Wu, and to work together to anger.

The twinkling stars, whether there is love that will be incorporated into these billions of stars, the fiery meteor of love, the planet of love that nurtures life, the star of lasting love, or the comet of love that occasionally appears. And because of this love, the stars are brighter, more dazzling, more eye-catching, and more capable of disappearing without complaint or regret.

Crossing this mountain, I know, just approaching you in the sacred mountain, I won’t feel tired, crossing this ridge, I know, your smile will be closer to me, I won’t feel lazy, when I cross a thousand When the mountain does not see you, I know that if you look back suddenly, you will be in the dimly lit place. Shen Mu Yu, you are here at the right time, because the spirit of love is flapping its wings and flying, she will turn this cold Mu Yu into fresh morning dew.

The morning mist is gradually dissipating, only to see you in the distance, your charm and tenderness, your concentration and joy, your smile and dream language, are coming with your figure. As a result, the sound of all things in the universe turned into a melody of dreams. That love is in the harmony of thousands of birds, in the fragrance of the sea of ​​flowers, under the golden wheat waves, in the blue sky, in the morning light when the fog is gone, with your Shanshan figure drifting. (Google translate doesn’t recognize the Chinese idioms)

My original article written in Chinese:

My original article written in Chinese:







你的微笑还在那里? 穿过冬夜郊外的覆盖白雪的白桦林,越过千里的茶花树,飞过万里无际的金麦田,在阳光下,伴随着那风,吹入我沉睡的沉沉的梦境,而那晚风依然在拍打着窗棂,看着无精打采的蓝色的玫瑰和洁白的百合花。

轻柔的音声,和你琴旋一起,悠悠的进入我的书房,和着你那夏日的笑,而你转身的凝寂,顷刻让时间停止在那个瞬间。爱神啊,追逐奔跑的人,都如夸父在拼命的追逐头上的灿烂的烈日,不知疲倦,不知劳累;那些为爱的人,每个似乎都成了特别的爱的精卫鸟, 只是,这次,是在为爱去填平万里波涛的大海。看啊,爱神啊,为了你,那么多人,其在爱中之怨之愁,足有刑天舞戚之强,有共工怒触不周山之力。



晨雾在逐渐散去,才看到远处的你,你的妩媚和温情,你的凝神和喜悦,你的微笑和梦语,正和你的身影一起到来。于是,那宇宙万物的声响,就幻化成梦想的旋律。 那爱,则在万鸟的和鸣中,在花海的芬芳里,在金黄的麦浪下,在蓝色的苍穹内,在雾去的晨曦时,伴随你姗姗身影飘然而至。